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Origin of names in the municipality Edewecht with the village Jeddeloh
Persons born before 1910:
Persons born after 1910 or persons without known dates of birth:

... 1450 the plague killed many inhabitants there. At this time a watermill was build at the Vehne , belonged to the farmer Tatje. ...

... Tatje Egbers, a resident on the Timmeler monastery, dug a channel, the Tatjewieke, ...

No longer online:
... Tatjebridge and Frenchmans stone - A historical place
The Tatjebridge is closely connected with the emergence of Spetzerfehn. In the year 1736, the people of Timmeler enlarged the channel out of the Boekzeteler sea to Ulbargen.
The channel made it possible to found Spetzerfehn in 1746 , where many people of Timmeler settled in the following years. Tatje Egberts, the widow of the manager of the "fürstlichen Vorwerkes in Timmel", had to commit at that time, to build a bridge, which name is Tatjebridge until today. ...

... 1810, the East Frisia was under french administration, Timmel became an administrative place. When frisian men should become soldiers in the french army, there were a shooting between bargees and the french military at the Tatje; the bridge at the main street of Timmel. ...

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