Etwas über die Herkunft des Namens "Tatje":
The name contains the diminutive "tje".
"Tat" is an old friesian word with means "father", the comparison of "Tat" with the English "Dad" is obvious.
"Tatje" was a nickame for children of a father ("Tat") if they had again children and "Tat" became a grandfather.
Such nicknames often became surnames, how e.g. with Janssen, which is to have meant "son of Jan".
On the other hand "Tatje" is still to be found also as a maiden name in Friesia.

German name encyclopedia by Hans Bahlow.
Suhrkampverlag 1972. Page 511
Tatje (fries.) s.Tadeke! Tatter: mhd. = >Tatar<
Tattermann: mhd. =, >Puppet on a string, goblin<,
probably a name for puppeteers. [mhd. = medium high-German]

A version from Laurent Tatge, his family seems to be a spanish branch of the family tree.
In Spain they write Tatge with a "j" because of local pronunciation of northeast Spain. This part is called Catalunya and they have a specific language very different from Spanish. They pronounce the j like the g. This is why my grandfather's parents' name is Tatje and not Tatge. Some of my grandfather's brother are Tatje and other are Tatge. In France we write Tatge with an accent mark on the e, in fact my name is Tatgé.
  • In France, we pronounce Tatge with a soft "g" (tatchee). With a hard "g"(tatgay) it sounds pretty much German. The accent mark on the "é" is typically French, because we have 4 different sounds for the letter e : e,é,è,ê nasal, lingual or whatever....
  •  I had information from Manresa. It's a town in the northeast of Spain, 20 Km from Barcelona.  They still have many "Tatge" and "Tatje" all around the city most often in the same family. It depends on the way they were registered when they were born. It's mostly the only place where you can find Tatge in Spain. They gave me the address of the recording church. Unfortunately, they don't have Internet. I don't know if I'm going to write or if I go there for a couple of days next month (I'm on holiday)
  • Another TATGE from France wrote me. His first name is Joseph, like half of the men in my family. All his family come from Manresa also. His grandfather's father (Joseph Tatje) was born in 1840 in Manresa. He gave me a lot of information about the German origin of the name. He is convinced that the Spanish TATGE came from Germany.  I'm trying to contact a William Tatge in Paris. Apparently he is working for French télévision.
  • I got more information about the German etymology of the name. The name TATGE is supposed to come from TADAKO or TADICO in old German, which means "the working person". The name has been transformed to TATICH, TATKE. The second form, TATKE evolved later in the names DATGE, TADGE, TATJE, TADGE and finally TATGE. In 1330 there is a CONRAD TATERE and a CARD TATER. In Edewech in the Oldenburg, the name developed during the period 1431-1681, and there were families of TATING TATJE... the descendants still write their name TATJE. The first TATGE was found in1653 in RODENBERG. The mayor of Steinhuder, Mr. TATCKE (1640), is considered to be the father of the TATGE name. I didn't verify this information myself; it comes from Joseph TATGE.

(Ob das alles so stimmt? Wir lassen uns gerne eines Besseren belehren.)

The contents above are dating from: 12.07.18 - © Rainer Tatje

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