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On this part of our pages we like to introduce our neighbourhood.

We lived as tenants on the estate "In the mills valley" in Sudweyhe until 2009 September.
Not Südweyhe but Sudweyhe, a local part of Weyhe in the district Diepholz, right in front of Bremen, but still in Lower Saxony. Now, we are living in the neighbourhood of this property.
The character of our neighbourhood is rurally, but it is near to Bremen ("bacon belts of Bremen") and we have more opportunities in spending our freetime than we would have in the real country.
Everything has two sides - the surrounding countryside of Bremen is not the most inexpensive region and thus we asks for indulgence, if we place some advertisement on these sides.
This range will grow, first we like to show some galleries.

We hope you'll have fun if you'll go and see the following pages.

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