Origine of the tree(s)
Either TATJE is a friesian name or has its roots in medieval German, the name can be found in medieval chronicles of EDEWECHT already in 1430 [- > historical facts]. There are different opinions about the origin of the name, possibly there are even different origins, which leads to the same name [- > origin of the name].
Additionally the different ways of writing of the name (TATJE, TATGE, DATGE, TADGE, TADGE,...) are confusing.
Over the centuries, some persons with the name Tatje emigrated and at different places new branches of the family tree grew from them.
  • Hindrik Hindriks Tatje, * 24-08-1710 moved (on the search for work) to the Netherlands and settled down there.
    Its family tree can be seen at: Stambomen van Tat(t)je (NL)
  • Other Tatjes came (via the Netherlands?) to France, from where they escaped because of religious persecution to Catalunya (Spain).
    This was the beginning of the spanish branch of the family tree in the area of Barcelona.
    Laurens Tatje, * 1870 in Manresa, Catalunya (Spain), a descendant of these immigrants, emigrated to Brazil.
    Some of his descendants moved into the USA. More about this family at: http://www.kahnhome.org/tatgefamily/laurenttatge.html

  • ... we like to introduce further branches of the family tree at this place ...
Other source material
- Public Record Office of Oldenburg
- Record Offices of the protestant churches in norther germany
- Various societies for family research
- Chronicle of the municipality Edewecht with many references to the family Tatje.
e.g. Edewechter Hausmarken, so also those of the family Tatje: 1716 Joh. Tatie.
On the page 56, so written anno the 1450: "Taddingmöhle" to the Vehne.
Then a topographical map from 1750 on the next side.
Here the place of the Taddingmöhle.
On the page 32, Henke Datinghes, Tatje, 1431 to 1870, mention of the old Esch farm.
Again to see on the page 30 in the old village center in 9. - 10 century
The book was written by Friedrich Winkler for the 75 anniversary of the bank of Edewecht in the dec. 1985.

We say thanks to Mr. Karl Gerking for the assistance with our first researches.

Information from the Netherlands, collected and maintained of Wim Dirks & Karin Tatje:
Stambomen van Tat(t)je (NL)

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