The mill from our private points of view

The watermill in Sudweyhe is situated near to the Hache. The water for the wheel comes from a mill pond, which is fed from a ditch, conected upstream the Hache.
A mill at "Weye" was mentioned in the years around 1260 as a fief of "Heinrichs des Bogeners", Earl of Oldenburg-Wildeshausen. Around 1420 the mill was a fief of the archbishop of Bremen, after 1648 (the thirty years of war) there were different owners until 1983. The mill was operateted by millers as leaseholder.

Even before 1718 the riverbed of the Hache was rebuild by humans and ended in an artificial waterfall which gave a stable level for the necessary difference in height for driving a mill wheel.
There are old memorial stones, shown in the walls of the house passage, which forms the approach road to the inner court of the estate.

The area of the estate is in private property, the mill and its garden are in the property of the municipality Weyhe since 1981.
Comprehensive renovation works began in 1982 and were finished in 1984, when a new mill wheel was installed.
This wheel had to be renewed again in the meantime by a private initiative in Dezember 2006 and inaugurated in June 2007 officially.

The mill can be visited, in its rooms, there are periodicaly art exhibitions.
The adjoining building often is used by the associations of the municipality, in the garden, many cultural events take place in the summer - mostly on Sunday.
Hours: saturday 15:00 - 18:00 o'clock, sun- and holidays 11:00 - 17:00 o'clock and with agreements.
Contacts for sight-seeing.: Gemeinde Weyhe - 0 42 03 / 71-0

The surrounding lands are in private property, too. Some areas are open for the public since old times, other ranges - like the park on the estates yard - are forming a private nature reserve for animals and plants and therefore they are not accessible to the public.
Our other galleries are including pictures of these non-public areas.

Further pictures are in preparation.

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